Stadt Kraichtal (Druckversion)

Business Development

When talking about Germany as being a base for business, it is often forgotten that the location and quality of business can mainly be valued in the cities and communities of the individual states. There are many good reasons to choose Kraichtal for your business location: Kraichtal is favoured as a base for a business location because of its well developed infrastructure . Almost every community can be reached comfortably with the metropolitan railway S3 (Karlsruhe – Kraichtal).

The most important industrial partners together with research and development centres in Baden- Württemberg are easily reached via excellent traffic net systems.

A great potential of qualified staff to meet all your business needs is at your disposal. There are sufficient developed industrial sites available for an immediate start to build in a landscape for regeneration.

The municipal government of Kraichtal and the Economic Development Agency of Bruchsal will assist you efficiently with the necesssary applications and official requirements. Tax rates and other charges are comparatively low. A harmonic concept for living and working is guaranteed.

For your business start-ups there are vacant lots available at the industrial estate "Klosteracker" in Gochsheim. If you are interested in starting your business in Kraichtal please request further information by e-mail. Moreover there are business projects already on the market. If you have questions concerning free business estates please contact Mr Ribstein. He’ll be happy to help you and bring you into contact with the respective people. It is an important task of the Kraichtal business development to support business start-ups in every possible way and inform newcomers about different subsidies obtainable.To master arising difficulties in existing companies, enabling economic growth and meeting the need for business expansion a special department has been installed at the town administration centre. Requests for suitable business estate and projects will be handled in an uncomplicated manner and supported appropriately where possible.

Our Economy and Business Development representative is Mr. Uwe Ribstein, 07250 77-51. u.ribstein(@)