Stadt Kraichtal (Druckversion)

Welcome to Kraichtal

"Living in a landscape for regeneration", is the slogan of our town. And indeed you can experience the whole diversity of the Kraichgau hill country with its vineyards, meadows, forests or its unique ancient clay tracks. In Kraichtal ciclysts and hiking people find ideal opportunities for recreation on signed tracks.

The museums at Gochsheim, outstanding historical buildings in several communities or picturesque post and beam houses like at Münzesheim are exciting destinations for any excursion. To my delight, an increasing number of visitors take advantage of the metropolitan railway as a way of comfortable and environment friendly transport.

Adding to all that, there is an interesting programme of cultural events and festivities which are organized by volunteers of different clubs and churches. Together with other supporting agencies the township of Kraichtal complements the existing programme by arranging concerts, museum festivals, conventions and fairs.

On our homepage we would like to give you a first glimpse into the wide range of our cultural events and recreational offers, not to forget the opportunity to look at the history of Kraichtal. The information about our borough council, local government, clubs and churches may be of interest.

Continue to visit us online. We gratefully accept criticism and suggestions . Simply send us an e-mail or write to us.